Ensemble of The Year' - 2013 Scottish Jazz Awards
'Award for Innovation' - 2013 Scottish Jazz Awards

'Ensemble of The Year' - 2011 Parliamentary Jazz Awards
Contemporary Band of The Year' - 2011 Scottish Jazz Awards
'Album of The Year'
- 2011 Scottish Jazz Awards

Ryan Quigley - Trumpet
Paul Towndrow - Alto Saxophone
Konrad Wiszniewski - Tenor Saxophone
Allon Beauvoisin - Baritone Saxophone

The iconoclastic Glasgow based four-piece brings a vibrant new sound to the world of jazz.

Working without a traditional rhythm section, Brass Jaw creates a performance that is truly unique in sound and direction, revealing a group that is able to adapt to almost any performance environment. Brass Jaw’s concerts are characterised by the band’s trademark momentum, drive  and charisma, in a set that strongly embraces the jazz tradition whilst reaching out into the unknown towards new musical territory.

Deep at the heart of Brass Jaw’s philosophy is the idea that music should be as engaging, entertaining and humorous as it is virtuosic, cerebral and progressive. Brass Jaw makes a deliberate and committed statement.

The ensemble’s flexibility makes it the ideal vehicle for new compositions from members of the group as well as commissions for renowned composers such as ECM recording artist John Surman who composed two new works for Brass Jaw, premiered at the 2009 British Composers Awards.

Brass Jaw has recently made waves at the
North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam and the
Rochester Jazz Festival in New York.